2008-05-22 01:15:04
 ://: public transmission from MilSpec


Mass:75 tons
Chassis:GM Marauder
Power Plant:Vlar 300 XL
Walking Speed:43 km/h
Maximum Speed:65 km/h
Jump Jets:None
     Jump Capacity:0 meters
Armor Type:Valiant Chainmail Ferro-Fibrous
Armament:2 Magna Supernova Heavy PPCs
2 Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Streak SRM-6
Manufacturer:Irian Technologies
     Primary Factory:Irian
Communications System:Dalban Micronics with Guardian ECM
Targeting & Tracking System:Dalban Hi-Rez with TAG

In the Free Worlds League we’ve almost always had problems procuring enough PPCs for our needs. The pittance we produced went to important uses, cycled to keep the Stingrays viable or the DropShips armed. Our Warhammers and Marauders often went armed with large lasers instead of the particle cannon they were designed for. But not any longer. Now we have enough to fill our needs and sell our excess.
Now we have the Supernova. And the damn Blakists have stolen it.
Irian technicians had just completed the molds and assemblies to produce the -9M2 Marauder when Irian joined the Protectorate. All production so far as been routed to the Word of Blake Militia and rare BattleMech-equipped units of the Protectorate Militia. We build them, they take them. And what a loss it is.
The –9M2 is armed with the new Magna Supernova Heavy PPC, based on technology ‘acquired’ from the Draconis Combine. A pair of these cannons replace the paired PPC-laser combination of the classic Marauder, but the real treat is the inclusion of a pair of licensed Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Streak SRM-6 launchers. With the heavy PPCs to blast holes and the hyper-accurate Streak launchers to fill those holes with missiles. It should be a deadly combination, but I’m going to hope we missed some flaw, since the Word is even now turning these fine machines against us.
There are scattered reports of non-Blakists forces fielding the -9M2, but I can’t substantiate any of those. I did see a report of a DropShip lost with a load of ’Mechs to be delivered, but I don’t know if it was destroyed, captured, or just misplaced. I don’t have access to that kind of data.
I did see a sketch of a new Capellan model, though. Of course it’s stealth-armored, but they’ve taken it a step further and equipped it with triple-strength myomers. The arm-mounted PPCs are replaced with Crusher plasma rifles, with a Hellstar PPC in the right torso to back them up. With the speed and power the triple-strength myomers provide, this Marauder will be a serious opponent. I can only hope its powerful enough to compete with the stolen -9M2.
Earlier upgrades are still common throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery. The Taurian Concordat, in particular, is building as many as they can and shipping them to the Pleiades. Mercenaries across known space, reeling from the recent assaults on their livelihoods, are upgrading their Marauders in any way they can. Even with the incredible materiel demands of the Jihad, they are finding the resources to add more and more recent technologies to their ’Mechs. I don’t think anyone begrudges them that, either, considering how almost Clanlike the Blakists are in their hatred of mercenaries they don’t employ.