Q: For what time period does BattleCorps publish stories?
BattleCorps covers (at our discretion) every time period from the launching of the Columbia to the Dark Age. Star League historicals and such universe-shaking events as the Kentares Massacre and the Pentagon Wars can and will be fully explored.

Q: Will BattleCorps take story or art submissions from the community?
Yes, if they meet our quality standards and fit in the universe. We have already published writers' and artists' guidelines.

Q: Will BattleCorps link stories to products in the BattleTech or other product lines?
When possible. Crossover ties are always fun and exciting.

Q: Why doesn't BattleCorps produce print novels?
Print novels are a project outside of the scope of BattleCorps.

Q: Is this material canon?
Yes. This is official BattleTech fiction. We'll also play around with some alternate history stories, but our focus is providing the community with new official BattleTech fiction. If it's published on BattleCorps and marked as canon, it is part of the BattleTech and MechWarrior history.

Q: How often will new material be published?
We're publishing new fiction, news, and other content across an entire month. For an idea of how much content per month is delivered, see our FAQ (at the bottom of the screen). As our membership increases, we can expand our services and content levels accordingly.

Q: The preview story had no 'Mech action in it. Why not?
"Destiny's Call" was designed to offer something new to readers: the origin story of one of the most well-known (and beloved) characters in BattleTech. It was the choice of the author not to include 'Mech action this time, though rumors are that Kerensky will see plenty of 'Mech action in the Nagelring should the 'Young Kerensky' stories be popular enough to continue.

Q: If you fall short of a month's supply of fiction, will you use fanfic to fill out the subscriptions?
No. We publish professional fiction. We are not a "fan site," though we are all fans of the game and the fictional universe. And we keep a deep enough reserve that any temporary shortfall can easily be made up with a story that had been set to publish in the next month.

Q: How do you differentiate between "professional" and "fanfic?"
No fiction is published without first passing two filters: continuity and quality. If there is any doubt about an event or timing, our continuity team works with the author to ensure his or her story fits the fabric of the existing BT universe and does not contradict the work that's gone before. We also have a system of editorial checks and some top-line story editors to help ensure the quality of our finished product.