Q: Why subscriptions?
Subscription memberships were the best way to make BattleCorps a viable and long-lasting enterprise. And because ultimate plans for the website include offering a large and dynamic community, having a cover-all cost for the service is necessary.

Q: Will there be advertisements on BattleCorps?
No. Using a subscription-based business model allows us to go ad-free. It's important to note that magazines support themselves by selling advertisements to companies who sell things the readers are likely to buy. Since we're ad-free, all of our costs must be covered by the subscription price.

Q: Why charge for BattleTech stories? Information should be free!
It takes a great deal of effort to develop and support the website. Programmers, artists, licensing fees to WizKids, and especially bandwidth all generate overhead. Also, this is professional fiction, just like you'd find in a BattleTech novel. We have to pay our professional authors or they can't afford to write and we as a community won't get new fiction set in the BattleTech timeline.

Q: I'm interested in reading your fiction, but paying by credit card is not for me. Is there another way to pay?
We are very pleased to announce that we now accept several alternate forms of payment, including by cash, check, money order, paypal, and intra-national wire transfer for our eager supporters in other countries. This is part of an outside service, however, and will involve a service charge. We believe we've made the best possible deal for the most options we can bring you!

Q: I'd like to just pay for a year and not worry about my subscription lapsing. Will this be possible?
Yearly memberships are a difficult subject for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is concern from our licensor. So we decided not to launch with them. A six-month membership is currently our best, long-term offer. However, we plan to offer one-month and three-month with automatic rebilling for those who desire it, which offers much of the same convenience.

Q: Do I need to wait and join in on the first day of the next month? Will I miss out on fiction if I join late in the month?
Memberships are arranged so that they begin on the day of the month you sign up, and are due on the same day of the following month. When you first join, there will be a large backlog of fiction waiting for you as part of our 'Welcome' package, to enjoy on your very first day. More fiction will become available every few days on our regular publishing schedule, so you will get your money's worth no matter what day you sign up.

Q: What if I want to read stories that were published before I join? What about chapter serials already in progress?
This is the very best argument for joining right away and staying an active member. You will miss out on nothing. However, we do hope to have a method by which members can purchase access to fiction they may have missed, including the start of any ongoing serial. But that will come later in development. If you happen to come in on the middle of a story, the good news is that we will offer plenty of stand-alone stories and will try to cycle through a serial as fast as possible. Within a month, usually.

Q: Then in that case, can non-members have access to purchase BattleCorps fiction without joining up?
Unlikely. Sorry, but except for material we intentionally release for previewing, membership will be required for all content access. At least for the foreseeable future.

Q: I want to support more than one faction. Can I have more than one account?
We anticipated this question because of all the Multiplayer BatteTech veterans out there. You can often "support" multiple factions from a single account, in events and such. However, if you want a second identity in that faction, for participation or espionage purposes, nothing prevents you from creating a second account.