Q: I don't want to write fiction, but I want to help make BattleCorps successful. How can I help?
Besides subscribing, of course, there will be many opportunities for BattleCorps members to help make the BattleCorps site important to the BattleTech community. Participating in events or becoming a community leader are two such options. Watch for more information on this in coming months.

Q: Will all the fiction be permanently available online so we can re-read them whenever we want?
Fiction that becomes available after you subscribe will be available for reading later. Eventually we might have to "roll off" the older fiction, but we haven't decided how that's going to work.

Q: What other promos will you be offering besides early access to some of the new miniatures?
We have a number of plans under development, so the list will only get longer.
Most recently, BattleCorps commissioned a new art piece from Franz Vohlwinkle, to be used as the 2004 BattleTech poster similar to the folded posters usually handed out at GenCon. BattleCorps is bringing them out as rolled editions - uncreased! A number of these will be given away during our grand opening period, free with your initial membership (a $7.95 value). Additional copies will be made available to members for purchase.

We also have a great, high-quality T-shirt, and Iron Wind Metals is working with us to produce metal logos now.