InMediaRes Productions, LLC is an electronic publishing company that specializes in professional media tie-in fiction and the strong support of web-based communities. It began as a 'what-if' concept in September of 2002 when Loren Coleman, a novelist with twenty media titles to his name, brought the idea to a small group of people with professional interests in BattleTech® productions.

The limited partnership was founded in 2003 for the express purpose of gaining a license to BattleTech fiction and developing a brand identity with

In the fall of 2003, WizKids, Inc. (then WizKids, LLC) granted InMediaRes Productions rights to electronic publication of BattleTech fiction and non-exclusive rights which would cover small, promotional uses of BattleTech fiction and art. was officially announced at GenCon 2003, and went into a year-long development cycle which finally saw its debut on August 2nd, 2004.

With the launch of, InMediaRes Productions hopes to generate interest from other media tie-in properties to construct similar communities. It is also actively pursuing other partnerships and avenues into the publishing world.